Mojo Paste

A Pre-Race Supplement to Support Lungs and Blood Vessels and Provides Calming to Competition Horses.

During competition, horses experience varying levels of physical and mental stress, which can place extreme pressure on the lungs and blood vessels. 

Mojo Paste will not only support the lungs and blood vessels but will also have a calming effect, the combination of which reduces stress on these vital systems, improving the ability of the horse to perform.

Mojo is a pre-race supplement combining BG a respiratory and vascular support for optimal capacity, and an effective calmer to reduce the stress that can increase pressure. Mojo can be used alongside BG for ultimate support or alone for horses with clear airways.

Mojo Paste will not contravene current Jockey Club or FEI rules. However, we advise that individual competition rulings are checked in respect of the permitted administration at the event.

Size: 1 x30ml 

STATEMENT: " I know these products work and the way the old horse won its obvious there is more to come." - Sean Bellew

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